Portal Knights

Portal Knights APK + MOD

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Name Portal Knights
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Adventure
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.5.4
Size 542M
Price Free
Requires Android

Portal Knights APK + MOD

Portal Knights APK is a vast game, featuring no missions nor rewards, rather an open gameplay where the player will have to explore everything around him and overcome the enemy. Most of the games available on the internet present a traditional storyline and involve a number of missions to be completed, however, no such case exists in Portal Knights APK which is completely free of such activities. It won't be wrong to say that the game is a mixture of Legend of Zelda and Minecraft, as the gameplay is pretty similar to both of them. It is up to you to find activities for yourself and make the game interesting since you will not be rewarded for anything you do. 

Attack Your Enemies

An open world awaits you to explore the diversity present and you can not only create whatever you want to but also fight the evil monsters present. You can upgrade your character by enhancing the equipment present and increasing the level. This will provide you the ability to insure your survival in the dangerous environment. It is essential that you learn some tactics before proceeding to attack your enemies including counter moves against the monsters and trying to dodge them whenever necessary. 

Play with other players

Playing alone can sometimes be very boring and for such reasons, the game allows up to 4 different players to participate in it and cooperate with each other in order to take down the opponent. The 3D graphics and the relevant sound effects make the game much more fun and indulging for players and you can enjoy the vibrant coloring scheme. Make sure that you collect as many resources as you can find since they will be helpful to you as you proceed higher in the game. Multiple languages are supported by the platform and you can choose your preferred one. 

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