PUBG Mobile Mod Apk
PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

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Name PUBG Mobile Mod Apk
Package Name com.tencent.ig
Publisher Maurice Hopkins
Category Action
MOD Features (Unlimited UC, AimBot)
Version 2.0.0
Size 700M
Price Free
Requires 4.4 and up


PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game based on the old game PlayerUnknown. That’s why it is called “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds”. This game was firstly released for Microsoft Windows in 2017 but it did not gather a lot of attention from gamers. Laterly in 2018, PUBG Mobile version was released and got a lot of attention from the mobile gamers and became one of the most played video games. However, in this article, we will be talking about PUBG Mod APK with unlimited UC, Unlimited Health and Aimbot.

Today, PUBG Mobile has over one billion downloads and is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store. It had also received game of the year awards. The company wants it to become an esports which is now under process as small tournaments are held by the PUBG, containing the best players from around the world.

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Gameplay of PUBG Mobile APK

The gameplay of the PUBG is what makes it different from other games and no battle royale game with such realistic graphics has been introduced before on the stores of the mobile phones. To play the game, you have to agree to its terms and conditions and then it asks you to sign up or create a guest ID. The game was released with its very famous map called “Erangel”, but now it contains more maps for the players with new modes which are included or excluded on every update, depending upon the player’s choice and reviews.

The classic mode and the erangel map in the PUBG are the ones, which are never removed as almost all of the players of the PUBG play it most of the time. In the classic mode, hundred players gather at the lobby. After thirty seconds and completion of the hundred, players are boarded on a plane which is flying over the map. When the option of “Jump” is shown on the screen, the players can jump wherever they want on the map with or without their teammates. The players are also given options if they want to jump with their teammates or alone.

The actual game starts when players jump off the plane and touch the ground. This is the time when they have to collect or pick up the weapons and other related things from the buildings as soon as possible. The weapons are used to kill the enemies around the map, while the buildings or houses on the maps are used to hide from the enemies. The player or the team who survives till the end (with no other player or team alive) is declared as the winner.

PUBG Ban in Some Countries

Since PUBG has been released, players who love action games have gone crazy as PUBG completely fulfills their demands. They play it day and night without worrying about their education or anything. Besides education, the use of the mobile alone is discouraged as it affects the health and weakens the eyesight. So, playing a game on a mobile without giving a break can damage your health very seriously. That’s why many of the countries had to face such cases where this game affected the health of its players due to playing it for all day and night.

PUBG at first got banned in an Indian state due to the children playing it carelessly and not worrying about the upcoming exams. In the same way, many other countries including Pakistan banned it for some time saying that it is a complete waste of time and children should be discouraged from playing it.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Download

If you are already a player of the PUBG, then you would know that the game provides no extension of being powerful or extra weapons to any special kind of player. All the players are the same for the game on the battlefield. Moreover, the technology installed in PUBG is looking for the hackers or the players who are misusing the game, so there’s no chance a player can cheat in the game.

All the players have the same health and everyone can use any kind of weapon present on the map. However, players can buy the costumes or skins of the weapons from the store by using the currency in the game. In the classic mode, if you get a shot, you are knocked down and your teammate has the option to revive you. You can also chat while playing the game with your friends. To make your chat more easy, PUBG also has a voice chat feature, which allows you to voice chat with your teammates or with the other players in the game.

PUBG Game already has a lot of great features. To make it more awesome and interesting, Our Developers have made a modded version of the PUBG Mobile version. You must be wondering what is the need of a PUBG Modded APK, when the one who uses it illegally gets banned. Well, players will now don’t have to worry as we made this Modded version keeping in mind all the things. The best feature of this version is that you will not get banned, besides whatever you do. In the PUBG Mod APK, players will be experiencing a lot of cool features like unlimited UC, unlimited Money and Auto Aim. With all these features, even a noob player can become a pro player.

Features of PUBG APK MOD

This mod is filled with a lot of great tools and features which are worth talking about. So, we will tell you about each and every feature. Also, how or when to use that feature.

Unlimited UC

Most of the people or the people who have just started to play the game are confused about what is UC in PUBG Mobile. For their information, UC is a currency in the game which is used to buy Royale Pass, costumes, skins and many other things from the store. The abbreviation for the UC is Unknown Cash. Players can get free UC from the UC generator tools or they can get it by completing the challenges in the PUBG. Players should now not worry as in Pubg Mobile Mod APK Unlimited UC is offered. This feature allows the users of PUBG to purchase or get anything from the store. UC is considered as the most famous and premium currency in the game as many of the premium skins and costumes can only be bought with it.

Unlimited BP

BP is another currency in the PUBG Mobile, which stands for Battle Points. However, this currency is not as premium or important as the UC. A player gets an amount of BP after every match depending upon his activities during the match. It is also rewarded when certain missions are completed. It is given no importance as it doesn’t buy players a premium thing from the store. One can only spend it in buying the crates or changing the appearance of their character. In this Mod APK file, players will also get the taste of the Unlimited BP in PUBG. It can help them in changing their Id or profile name thousand times or whenever they want.

PUBG Skins Unlocked

Skins are the things PUBG players are mad about and we will tell why. There are two kinds of skins in the game. The first ones are weapon skins and the other ones are player skins. PUBG mobile players are mad about the skins as it makes the character and his weapon look like a premium one. Moreover, many people have a craze to make a collection of PUBG Skins but the problem is that it is very difficult to get premium skins. Players can get the normal skins by opening the crates but the premium skins can only be unlocked by using UC (Unknown Cash). As there are unlimited UC in the game, the players can unlock any kind of premium skin without worrying about spending UC.

PUBG Mobile Wallhack

Well, the developers of this mod apk file don’t find the above mentioned features enough. So, they added a new feature to the normal apk called wallhack feature. Players in PUBG use buildings or walls to take cover from the fire. Wallhack feature will allow the players to see their enemies through the walls or buildings. The hurdle to find the enemies is over now.

One doesn’t need to spend time searching for enemies when he has pubg mobile wallhack apk. This feature does not only work on the enemies behind the walls but also for the enemies who are in the car or behind a tree. However, it is not recommended by us to shoot the enemies by the walls because they may notice the cheating and a player may get banned due to this.

Aimbot For PUBG Mobile

In PUBG, the recoil of the guns is set just like how those guns work in real life. So, it is sometimes difficult to aim right at the enemy while it’s moving. So, we have another very exciting feature for the PUBG players which is called Aimbot. This is the best feature in the modded version up till now as the players don’t have to aim at the enemies. Aimbot will itself aim at the enemies after finding them. However, it does not shoot the enemies to avoid getting banned or to not being detected by the enemy, so you have to do it yourself. As this feature is combined with all the other features mentioned above, players can consider this apk as an PUBG Mobile Aimbot APK.

How to Download PUBG Menu MOD APK on Android:

  • Download the Apk and OBB file of the PUBG Mobile From the download links given in the download button.
  • After the files are downloaded, transfer the obb file to its right location in the files (Watch the obb file tutorial on Youtube).
  • Now, install the apk file on your mobile phone, after allowing the permissions to install the apk from an unknown source.
  • When you are done with all the steps mentioned above, now run the game. Hopefully it will be working fine!

If you are from China, then check out PUBG Marching APK which is a separate version for the chinese players.


There’s sad news for the ios users as they cannot enjoy the PUBG Mod APK on ios because the file we provide is an apk file and it can be only installed on the android devices. However, if one has a jailbreak ios device, then he can watch tutorials on youtube about how an apk file can be installed on an ios device. If you find a way or already have a way to install the apk file on the ios device, then you can download our modded apk file from the download links and use it on the iphone or ipad, whatever device you do have.


PUBG already has its PC version but one cannot get all the features which are offered in the modded version. However, unlike ios users, there’s a way for the PC or Windows users. They can install our modded file on any android emulator like bluestacks or any other. In this way, they will be able to enjoy all the features such as unlimited UC, all skins unlocked, wallhack and many other features.

How to get unlimited uc in pubg?

UC in PUBG is not free. Players can get them from the rewards by completing a mission but the apk file, which we provided, has unlimited UC in it.

How to get unlimited health in pubg mobile?

Unlimited health is not offered in any modded version of PUBG.

Is this pubg mod apk with a mod menu?

Yes, this Mod APK contains a mod menu with which you can select any mod in the game.

How to run pubg mod apk without vpn?

We have prepared the file in a way that you don’t need any VPN to run it.

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